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For Immediate Release:
February 15, 2005
Contact: Lourdes Kelly
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Judgment Day For The Mob,
Or Just One More Example Of Hynes Malarkey?

Brooklyn, N.Y. – In a triumph that can be appreciated by shower curtain crooners throughout the land, the current Brooklyn DA managed what was considered impossible ever since the Beetles first landed in New York City some forty years ago. Charles “Joe” Hynes, hambone extraordinaire, upstaged Paul McCartney.

Hynes, in what a New York Sun article described as ”a nearly yearly ritual,” executed yet another series of photo op collars of local bookmakers.

Any gambling operation requires a set location, hours of business, a customer base, records, and in all likelihood telephones, computers, and the services of a printer, too. As a duck that’s not just sitting, but also quacking, illegal betting is easy to investigate. Arrests can be made at a time of the authorities choosing. If pressure from the DA’s office was present, effective, and constant year ‘round, this nuisance crime could easily be controlled. With a more efficient application of resources, there’d be no need for a one-day law enforcement blitzkrieg – like a challenge to some imminent threat to the public safety. Officers and investigators then could spend Super Bowl Sunday at home enjoying the game. But of course that would eliminate a soap box that Hynes just loves to climb up on.

The current DA warns one and all that gambling is not a victimless crime. Hynes tells us he is attacking a $100 million dollar ring (figures from a prospectus, the Wall Street Journal, or what?), the veritable economic engine of Organized Crime. If those arrested represent but the tip of some vast iceberg of a conspiracy ready to sink society as we know it, why is Charles “Joe” Hynes talking about it in a press conference on what’s basically the pinch of a dozen alleged small-time bookies? Is there evidence of a continuing criminal enterprise? Was this turned over to the Feds for a RICO case?

One of those arrested is charged with the possession of “one gambling slip.” Does the current DA apologize for what seems to be the hurling of a law enforcement harpoon at a criminal minnow? No, like Mussolini playing Ahab, the landing of this small fish is presented as a trophy.

Though a few of those rounded up have names ending with the usual suspect vowels, the appellations Wong, Wang, Jiang, and Tran give cause for pause. It’s reported Hynes said “six of the betting parlors raided were run by Asians to avoid detection.” Has heat from Hynes really forced the Mob into becoming an equal opportunity employer? Or, is the reality of the situation that blinders at the DA’s office are allowing non-traditional criminal groups to take root in Brooklyn?

Since Charles “Joe” Hynes moved into the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the number of Assistant District Attorneys, the core staff, has shrunk by over forty-two percent. The DA’s ability to tackle complicated cases is getting weaker and weaker. In Brooklyn, the functional supple muscle of a New York City District Attorney’s office is atrophying. What’s replacing it is a useless lard layer of publicity stunts and self-promotion. In Bensonhurst alone, homicides are up four HUNDRED percent. With Hynes at the helm, maybe (and just maybe), it’s a little harder to bet on a game in Brooklyn. But it sure is a lot easier to get away with murder.

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