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The Saga of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles "Joe" Hynes
Sandra Roper 2005 Articles

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Campaign Trials on the Campaign Trail

The Skyline's Continuing Coverage of the Race for Kings County District Attorney
Candidate Sandra Roper.
April 18, 2005

By Joanna Bonfiglio

This is the second time around for candidate Sandra Roper, who is the only woman running for Kings County district attorney. In August 2001, she declared her candidacy for the first time and grabbed almost 40% of the vote in the few weeks leading up to the September Democratic primary.

Roper, who was born in Panama before moving to Brooklyn with her parents, attended Sheepshead Bay High School, and was originally a pharmacist. In 1987 she graduated from Brooklyn Law School and participated in a fellowship at NYU Law.

Her feud with current District Attorney Charles Hynes has garnered constant media exposure. Roper alleges the charges filed against her in 2003 that she stole money from her client Mary Ward were Hynes’ way of punishing her for running against him.

In late February the charges were dismissed and Roper paid Ward $8,000. Roper spoke with the Brooklyn Skyline on Thursday, April 14.

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Online Audio – WBAI Radio Interview – March 23, 2005
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  • Brooklyn Politics: Due to the tireless efforts of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles "Joe" Hynes,
    the people of New York City remain safe from that gang of marauding political reprobates – Sandra Roper, John O'Hara, and Judge John Phillips.

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