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For Immediate Release:
March 5, 2005
Contact: Lourdes Kelly
Phone: 718-208-6001

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Hynes Certainly Made His Case On NY1 Last Wednesday
– The Case That He Isn’t Fit To Be Brooklyn DA

Brooklyn, N.Y. – How did Charles “Joe” Hynes, the current Brooklyn District Attorney, respond on NY1’s Inside City Hall when asked to comment on the dismissal of charges against Sandra Roper? Did he show polish and professionalism? Did he simply state that the courts had spoken and that all now need to accept that fact?


Hynes continued to beat the carcass of a case pronounced dead in a court of law. After both the Special Prosecutor and the Judge decided that there simply was no proof of a crime, Charles “Joe” Hynes -- following in the filthy footsteps of Ken Starr – has dragged the dead issue out of Brooklyn Supreme Court and is now attempting to try the case in the media. Here he appears as not just the prosecutor, but also is assuming the roles of judge and jury. There’s no pretense of evidence. Rumor, calumny, vilification, and innuendo are the vermin infesting this corpse of a case.

For a three-time loser criminal, the yell goes up to throw away the key to the jail cell. As the charges against Sandra Roper have been pitched out of the Grievance Committee and tossed out of two courts, this legal action now has three strikes against it. With that in mind, now is the time TO TAKE AWAY THE KEY to the Brooklyn DA’s office from Charles “Joe” Hynes.

But, at long last, Hynes did show some honesty. For years he’s said that he had no interest in the legal tsunamis that – as luck would have it, or so he would have us believe – have been the bane and pain of the current DA’s political opponents. The people of Brooklyn now have seen for themselves the personal malice and spite Charles “Joe” Hynes aims at Sandra Roper.

And the current DA says that he’s heard no reason why Sandra Roper should be Kings County District Attorney. Mr. Hynes, you’re not listening: JUSTICE NOT POLITICS.

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Sandra Roper is available for interviews and photos. Please phone 718-208-6001 or e-mail: to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Brooklyn Politics: Due to the tireless efforts of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles "Joe" Hynes,
the people of New York City remain safe from that gang of marauding political reprobates – Sandra Roper, John O'Hara, and Judge John Phillips.

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