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For Immediate Release:
February 28, 2005
Contact: Lourdes Kelly
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Charges Dismissed!

Photo by Tom Callan – Download a high-resolution copy
Sandra Roper and Attorney Raymond C. Baierlein

Click HERE to View the Online Video of the Press Conference

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Today, Sandra Roper issued the following statement on the dismissal of the criminal charges that had been brought against her:

Thank You to all my friends and family.

I thank God for giving me the strength to have endured this ordeal.

Today, Indeed, I feel like George Bailey from Itís a Wonderful Life.

Thank you to my St. Matthews, Habitat for Humanity, 20K-1 Lions, 1199ers, pharmacists, St. Louis & Decatur-Stuyvesant Seniors, merci AML, who have stood by me during this difficult ordeal.

I am truly thankful that these false charges against me have been dismissed -- finally. Indeed, these charges never should have been brought. Our courts, one of the best of institutions, are fair, but not infallible. As the next Brooklyn District Attorney, I'll always remember that the purpose of American courts is to protect society AND protect the rights of the individual accused.

Charles "Joe" Hynes, the current DA, maliciously initiated criminal investigations against me on Friday, August 17, 2001. That was the very last day of his unprecedented election battle against me, and exactly one week after I asked US Attorney General Ashcroft to send federal election monitors, which were sent.

I can attest to the pain that this DA says he plans for all his adversaries, even as he threatened David Yassky, who has since withdrew from the race.

Believe it or not, there are those recommending that after this ordeal, I should merely relax and be a mother and grandmother. There are those who opine that Brooklyn DA is a man's job. Well, my answer to them is if a woman from New York can be viewed as a potential Presidential candidate, there certainly can't be any gender barrier for Brooklyn District Attorney.

Needless to say, with this ordeal behind me, I will press forward with my run for Brooklyn District Attorney.

I shall let the people of Brooklyn decide whether I am the best candidate to replace this self-serving DA, whose priority is his politics, not justice for the people of Brooklyn.

No podemos hacer justicia con manos y corazon impuro.

You canít stand for justice with unclean hands and heart.

My guiding principle remains, as it was in 2001, Justice not politics.

Thank you and God bless you all.

# # #

Sandra Roper is available for interviews and photos. Please phone 718-208-6001 or e-mail: to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Text of the Statement of Attorney Raymond C. Baierlein

Brooklyn Politics: Due to the tireless efforts of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles "Joe" Hynes,
the people of New York City remain safe from that gang of marauding political reprobates – Sandra Roper, John O'Hara, and Judge John Phillips.

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